Company Profile

Suzhou Boreal Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, the company is a "smart building and mobile real estate" as a starting point, focusing on market development and innovation, integration of multi-industry resources to contribute to customer value of temporary construction solutions The main profit model of the enterprise. Our tents are available in a wide range of simple mini-style tents, large-scale activities with temporary tents, to civilian and military temporary space tents solutions, and to the storage, sale and production of tents and halls are provided The We have a high level of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, technological progress, business success and responsibility for the environment, as well as our customers, employees and colleagues, is that we make every step of the action guidelines, in each project are trying to ensure Customer satisfaction and provide the best solution.

We have long focused on "smart manufacturing, low-carbon environmental protection" enterprises. The company advocates "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, but also has a sound management system, excellent working environment and a good incentive mechanism to attract a number of high-quality, high level, high efficiency, Good service in human society and continuous efforts to move forward.