Technical Support

Excellence, keep making progress, honest and trustworthy, dedicated service

Personalized customization
We customize a variety of programs for you, professionals draw the model for your reference

100% security guarantee
In the goods before leaving the factory, we will try to take, to ensure safety

Safe operation training
We will give the workers the necessary training before each building

Mechanized operation
We use the machinery to the fullest extent, whether it is production or construction


Quality Inspection
Every time the repeated detection is only for the customer to use

Flame retardant test
Tarpaulin fire retardant to Germany B1, M2 standards

Aluminum alloy hardness
High strength aluminum alloy profiles T6061 / T6082

Tarpaulin thickness
A variety of colors PVC double-layer polyester fiber synthetic cloth, the thickness of 0.8mm or more

Wind resistance
Our tents have stood the test of bad weather and are safe and secure