Product Leasing

The tent rental can be divided into the following two ranges according to the actual use:
1. Business gathering, business promotion, etiquette gathering, etc.
2. Temporary storage, temporary work shop

★ business gatherings, business promotion, ritual party

We are based on the characteristics of business activities, in particular the introduction of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m large tent series, and 6m series of VIP rooms.

1. With 3 meters or 4 meters of the overall height, easy to organize activities in the tent can be built within the stage, podium and product display and so on.
2. Equipped with Gothic transparent window curtain, full transparent curtain, closed curtain for customers to choose. Through the use of a variety of curtains, you can create a variety of venue atmosphere.
3. Equipped with all wood flooring for customers to choose to use
4. Equipped with a variety of color mantle for customers to choose
5. Equipped with a variety of power air conditioning for customers to choose
6. Professional build team, according to the customer's actual tents need time to complete the task set up.
7. VIP room: especially for the VIP room to prepare a senior chandelier and carpet and other accessories to choose from.

★ temporary warehousing, temporary work workshop

Large temporary warehouse products, with more than 3 meters overall height, mainly taking into account the warehouse to use forklift factors.
Small temporary warehouse, the overall height of the tent is generally 2.5m, mainly to facilitate the temporary storage of users waiting for packaging or waiting for the temporary placement of transport. All cargo movement, mainly by hydraulic trailer to complete.

Leasing process

Received customer inquiries

The sales department calculates the price according to the actual requirements of the customer

According to customer inquiries, study the venue

Contract in accordance with the agreed content

Payment by contract

In accordance with the contract within the agreed time to complete the task

In accordance with the contract agreed time demolition

The rental order is completed