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  • Smart tents boost the opening of enterprises

    Boreal Tent Technology Co., Ltd. is a tent professional company that meets your needs in all aspects including tent sales, tent rental, tent customization, and tent manufacturing. After receiving the demand for this project, Boreal's design department and engineering department discussed th...

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  • What are the characteristics and advantages of European-style wedding tents?

    It is the dream of every girl to hold a romantic and touching wedding, and many new couples who are getting married today choose to hold in the hotel, but many times the hotel can not be booked if we want to book. If we can’t book a hotel, then the wedding tent will come in handy. The European...

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  • Boreal assists with resumption of work and undertakes the tent of Wanping Exhibition

    In mid-April 2020, the epidemic situation abroad is still grim. The Chinese economy has also experienced a three-month epidemic impact. The current domestic task is to quickly boost the economy. Governments all over the world have used consumer coupons to promote consumption. The governments in the ...

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    2016 The 11th Taicang Oktoberfest opens!

    The annual Taicang Oktoberfest has become an important bridge between Taicang and Germany to strengthen economic and trade exchanges and cooperation and promote bilateral exchanges and development in various fields. September 7, 2016 The 11th Taicang Oktoberfest kicked off. The Oktoberfest is o...

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    The transparent feast of the canopy in the cold winter shine

    In the cold winter, you can install in addition to the interior of the tents supporting air conditioning, you can also customize the "transparent roof". I received orders from the French company for the French customers in particular custom "transparent roof", every winter, tran...

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    Full transparent tent - tent in the "specialties"

    Tent products, the main color is white. Transparent canopy, from far away can clearly see the elegant facilities within the tent, and all the features of cold and rain. Sitting in the transparent tent, watch the night of the stars, is a very longing for things!

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    Movable industrial warehouse tents

    Tent In general, it is a fixed building. However, I lay a track on the ground or to the wheels on the load bearing base. It can be any stretch or move; This special design to meet the upper part of the mobile frequency of higher customers; At the same time, the safety performance of the movable ...

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    Borui Er Tomb ABS wall canopy exported to Germany

    I produced a set of 12 meters X20 meters around the ABS hardware wall tents, glass doors four sets, exported to Germany; German standards for the quality of customers in the world is recognized by the harsh; each standard must comply with the German TUV certification, welding standards EN1092 Bri...

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