Indoor Venue New Choice: Assembled Tent Arena2017-06-15

With the rapid construction, green and many other advantages, the current support and development of the country, and the tents as one of the types of assembly-style buildings, for the current indoor venues to provide efficient and convenient, low cost of the new Program!

Exhibition Tent Arena:

In addition to a variety of large-scale exhibitions need outdoor tents to supplement the exhibition space, many exhibition activities are keen to be held outdoors, and because the exhibition is usually short-term activities, so you can build demolition of the tent As the role of indoor venues. And exhibition tents have a variety of different types of choice, you can create a different style of the tent exhibition venues, while Boreal can provide glass walls, glass doors, carpets, tents, air conditioning, etc. complete enough to make your tent exhibition venues Can be comparable to the indoor exhibition hall!

Warehouse tent:

However, with the rapid development of enterprises, the long-term construction time and a large number of construction costs of warehousing buildings have seriously lagged behind the pace of enterprise development. Therefore, the present efficient and convenient assembly space is more and more convenient for the development of enterprises. Be favored! Assembled storage tents have a variety of specifications and supporting options for enterprises to provide a large area of safe and practical storage space, and thousands of square storage shelter space can only be built 1-2 days to complete, you can short Time for enterprises to solve the urgent need for storage space problems!

Sports tents:

In the country, the current indoor sports venues quite little, and the current new assembly tents can be a good solution to this problem, Boreal's sports tents are a modular building structure, according to customer demand for the site area and The size of the stadium to flexibly adjust the size, and the venue is no pillar within the spacious space, while there is enough top height, even a variety of ball games can also provide the activities to meet the space. At the same time sports not only easy to install, dismantling fast, and even can be in the original outdoor sports venues to build, really save time, save trouble, worry!

With the rapid development of the assembly tents, more and more perfect product technology for the tent hall to bring lower costs, modular structure, quickly build demolition, multiple use, wide applicability, and many other advantages, Is undoubtedly the latest choice to build indoor venues!