How to choose the right tents?2017-06-15

Tent in a lot of outdoor use, but the current optional tents type, tent specifications, tents manufacturers are a lot, how can we choose for the activities to the appropriate tents?

Choose the right tents type:

There are many types of tents, in order to choose the right or the tent, then it is necessary according to the type of activities and tents features selected. The most commonly used is the word tents, optional span, cheap, and there are many changes, such as exhibition activities can choose glass wall, wedding banquet can choose transparent tarpaulin, storage optional sandwich wall, ABS wall Body and so on. If you want more elegant and beautiful tents can choose arched tents, in order to bring more creativity for the activities or the ball screen projection optional spherical tents, and build a stadium can also choose to build a curved pavilion!

To determine the appropriate canopy Specifications:

Determine the size of the tents of the two main factors is the size of the site size and activities of the space needs, if there are specific site specifications, then this issue will not need to consider. If you do not know the area of space, then you can tell the manufacturers to demand, they can rely on a wealth of experience to your appropriate specifications. For example: to banquet tent, for example, a table of 10 people banquet, including the surrounding space about 15 square feet, if the need for 30 tables feast then about 450 square canopy, if you need the stage or other space then on this basis On the increase!

(Tips: a lot of customers in the provision of specifications are non-standard custom specifications, if not the venue restrictions, according to manufacturers suggest a little change into conventional specifications, so you can save more cost!

Choose the right form of cooperation:

Leasing, buying, second-hand are the most common means of cooperation between the manufacturers of the tents, and the specific choice when the procurement method will be based on the number of tents use, the use of the cycle, the cost of the decision, like some large-scale activities, Short-term need for large-scale tent space, then the lease is a very cost-effective choice. If the appearance of the tent is not too strict requirements, then second-hand tents is also very affordable choice, the specific manufacturers can give you quotes for comparison!

Note details:

When you determine the type of tents required, the specifications, but also to confirm the situation of the venue, because different venues to build a fixed way is not the same, Boreal according to the venue to give you the most appropriate advice, such as conventional tightening with bolts Fixed, if it is not damaged cement floor, you can choose the way the load-bearing, if you want to Taiwan, then also need to prepare in advance, etc., only to confirm the good situation manufacturers to prepare in advance!

Also consult the manufacturers to ship and transport structures to ensure that the tents can be held before the event can be used to complete the use of the general 500 square feet within the tent, just one day you can easily build up! Finally, we should also pay attention to manufacturers to provide long warranty, how the after-sales service, the activities of the process will send people to maintain the tent, etc., these are the final choice of tents plus points! How to choose the right tents? If you have tents demand, but do not understand the tents, then you are welcome to come to consult the Boreal tents, our professional team can be based on the needs of your activities for you to recommend the most suitable tents program, and for You offer quite favorable tents prices!