What are the specifications and prices of European spire tents?2017-06-15

European steeple tents as the most widely used in the tents of a product, both can be used alone, can also be used with different tents in large-scale activities, naturally by many customers concerned about the consultation, that the current European spire tents specifications and price is How was it?

But here it is clear that the European-style steeple tent is not the kind of outdoor use of the stalls booth steeple, often customers have to mix their own needs, in fact, there is a big difference between the two tents. The kind of simple tents can be folded and placed, the main use of aluminum and iron frame, poor wind resistance, short life, the price is also very cheap, so for the simple temporary use of stalls.

While the European spire tents need to build demolition, usually a fixed period of time to use, so if you want to fold the push and pull that is not the product. And the European-style steeple tent is the use of high-strength aluminum alloy material, built fixed in the outdoor anti-8-10 strong winds, covering the fabric is coated with PVC cloth, with outdoor wind and rain, sun protection and other characteristics of UV , You can also repeatedly remove the storage of repeated use, the service life can be up to 10 years!

At the same time in the appearance of European-style steeple tents more high-end elegance, this material and practical performance naturally bring the price difference, like a simple tent on a few hundred one, and 3 * 3 European steeple tents price of about 5000 / 5 * 5 spire tents price of about 8000 / top and so on, of course, this is only the general offer Boer Valley tent, the specific price but also according to the actual configuration needs, lease purchase, transport structures and other decisions!

At present, the European steeple tents are mainly small size, and the specifications of the steeple tents are 3m * 3m, 4m * 4m, 5m * 5m, 6m × 6m, 8m × 8m, 10m × 10m, among which 3 * 3 and 5 * 5 spire tent is the most demand for customers, of course, if you have other specifications of the demand, Boreal can also be tailored for you!

The above is the European-style steeple tent of the conventional specifications and approximate price reference, if you have the requirements of steeple tents, welcome to consult the Boreal Tent, we can provide you with the appropriate specifications and preferential offer, while Boreal also Can offer large quantities of steeple tents for sale!