What are the advantages of tents as temporary warehouses?2017-06-15

With the arrival of the business season, many manufacturers of the original planning of the storage space has been unable to meet the demand, which requires storage shelter through the expansion of temporary space for storage, and tents as temporary warehouse most commonly used, what is its Advantage?

Specifications and diverse, to meet the needs of different warehousing

Tent industry after a long period of development, the current distance can be made more and more for the storage canopy to provide 3-60 meters span of large and spacious space, and because the tent is a modular assembly structure, so the storage tent Length can be extended by 5 meters infinite extension, and the same large area of space can have a variety of specifications, which can be for the enterprise storage space provides a very flexible choice to meet the different needs of different storage sites!

Without approval, can quickly build the installation

Tent warehouse is an assembly of outdoor temporary buildings, usually without approval procedures can be built in the outdoors, can make full use of existing land resources for storage purposes, improve economic efficiency. And the use of the structure of the structure of the tent to install the installation is very simple and convenient, with enough people and equipment in the case, one day you can easily build 1000 square of storage space!

Long life, can be repeated use

Although the tent is used as a temporary storage warehouse, but the main frame of the storage canopy is the use of 6061-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy frame, so you can in the outdoor anti-8-10 level of wind, will not be outdoors by the bad weather damage. And the surface of aluminum alloy material is a special surface treatment, has a strong anti-corrosion ability, the basic outdoor can be maintained for two decades of life, so this temporary tent storage space can be dismantled in the off-season storage, season So that re-build the installation of repeated use!

Cost reduction, efficient low-cost program

In many temporary warehouse program, the storage canopy can be said to be the most cost-effective choice, the main body of the tent by the aluminum alloy frame and knife-coated tarpaulin composition, compared to the traditional warehouse a large number of materials, storage tent price Can be said to be quite low, and Boreal can also provide shelter rental program, which can greatly save the economic costs for enterprises, but also from the tents production, transportation, build only a very short time, you can solve in the short term Enterprise needs storage problems!

If the business is a temporary storage inventory needs, then the advantages of the storage canopy is undoubtedly your best choice, now consult the Borui Tile canopy, we can according to your needs to provide you with the most appropriate programs and considerable concessions Quotes!