Double-decked tents in the outdoors for those applications?2017-06-15

At present in the outdoor use of the canopy to a large area of spacious single-storey canopy-based, and relatively have more available area and height of the double-decker is more rare in the outdoors, that double-level tents in the outdoor Those applications?

What is a double awning?

Double tents are Boreal in 2013 independent design and development of the new series of tents products, the main structure is composed of two-story tents, the current conventional optional 10-30 m span, the top of the word, Curved roof, flat top inflatable and other types of choice, and after several years of continuous innovation and perfection, the current double tents in the outdoors has a very good application!

Resolved site limited issues:

When your outdoor activities need a large area of space, and the actual site area is insufficient, double tents will be the best choice at this time. The upper and lower layers of the canopy space greatly expanded the available area of the canopy, the internal column space can make the area utilization rate of 200%. And double-decker will use a higher specification aluminum alloy profiles and add the corresponding strengthening measures to ensure that even without the double-deck high space, still can have superior safety and stability, a perfect solution to the outdoor activities in the limited area Need more space in the problem!

Various practical space:

As a result of the use of the assembly structure, so easy to use and easy to use, and double the area can be applied to a lot of outdoor applications, such as: wedding banquet activities, large canopy restaurant, VIP reception area , Office area, etc., and even as a semi-permanent outdoor temporary venues, as we will also be double-tents as a reception, the long-term use of the Chamber, outdoor use for several years the quality is also no damage!

In addition, the double canopy can also be used as a large exhibition hall to use, high-end modeling greatly enhance the level of exhibition activities, and like the top of the flat-top double-layer canopy can print brand or event information block Board, for the activities to play a better promotion effect!

Event Stand:

As the double-decker canopy height and optional full transparent glass wall, and the second floor of the canopy can be opened according to the needs of the grandstand, for the audience to provide a higher and more broad view of the audience, so double-tented Often used in a variety of sports events, such as Qingdao Regatta, Golf European Tour, WTA tennis tournament and other events are the successful application of Boreal double canopy, and double canopy can also be equipped with a canopy Interior staircase, air conditioning, carpets, ceiling and other interior support, to the audience to bring quality experience of the game!

In fact, the two-story canopy can be suitable for a considerable number of applications in the outdoors, but because the price is slightly more expensive than the conventional tent, so the choice of customers is relatively small, but in some specific application activities, You bring a lot of surprises!