Boreal assists with resumption of work and undertakes the tent of Wanping Exhibition2020-06-23

In mid-April 2020, the epidemic situation abroad is still grim. The Chinese economy has also experienced a three-month epidemic impact. The current domestic task is to quickly boost the economy. Governments all over the world have used consumer coupons to promote consumption. The governments in the coastal areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang realized that the most effective way to boost the economy was to quickly organize exhibitions and consumption festivals and increase the connection between businesses and consumers.

As a tent service company integrating R&D, sales, leasing, construction and after-sales, Boreal has rich experience in large-scale outdoor activity tent services. After many comparisons, the organizer finally chose Boreal's tent project. Boreal has a sufficient inventory of tents, and in just one day, it has sorted out the spare parts that need to be built and transported from the factory by several long trailers.

At the exhibition venue in Wanping, the Boreal engineering team completed the construction of the main frame in just 48 hours day and night.

The customer fully affirmed Boreal's efficient construction speed, safe construction method, and beautiful tent effect. Facing the epidemic situation, all walks of life are in vain. At this time, a reliable tent supplier is needed to complete the construction safely and reliably, and to escort the large-scale outdoor activities.

The participating merchants have told the editors that the reasonable layout and transparent indoor environment make their booths look cleaner and more beautiful. Moreover, compared with the traditional indoor exhibition center, the exhibition hall has been built in an open space such as a square, the cost of exhibiting has dropped a lot, and the people around can see such an exhibition, which has increased the popularity of the exhibition and has been affected by the epidemic for a long time. The merchant's face, a rare smile of joy.

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