Smart tents boost the opening of enterprises2020-07-22

Boreal Tent Technology Co., Ltd. is a tent professional company that meets your needs in all aspects including tent sales, tent rental, tent customization, and tent manufacturing. After receiving the demand for this project, Boreal's design department and engineering department discussed the construction plan overnight, and strived to complete the construction and delivery of the tent in the shortest time according to customer needs. Although the construction site is muddy ground and large-scale machinery cannot function, which caused certain difficulties to the construction, we keep in mind that the needs of customers are our mission. Boreal Engineering Department seizes the construction schedule in the muddy ground. Due to the reasonable design of the tent structure and the smooth and clean tarpaulin, although the construction conditions are poor, the tent was built methodically under the concerted efforts of everyone.

On the day of the groundbreaking ceremony, the client was very satisfied with the tent. The leaders of the municipal party committee and the settled enterprise executives had a cordial and friendly meeting next to the neat and beautiful tent.

It is Boreal's mission to provide customers with high-quality tent services. Welcome to consult.