How about the safety of the spherical tent?2017-06-05

With the increase in the application of spherical tents in the outdoors, its advantages and applicability continue to be explored, but as a high-quality tents products, in addition to the economic and practical flexibility, but also must have a strong and secure security, that spherical How is the security of the tent?

Spherical tents in the outdoor use will encounter a variety of environments, the safety of the ball tent has a significant impact on its own wind resistance, snow capacity, corrosion resistance!

In the overall structure, the spherical tent is a new type of spherical reticulated shell structure, a reasonable reticulated shell surface can make the structure force evenly, so the whole structure of the force is more reasonable, small deformation, high stability, this structure can be spherical Tents bring superior wind resistance and load capacity to other tents!

In the material, the spherical tent is commonly used in high hardness galvanized pipe and aluminum alloy material, both of which have a high hardness and strength characteristics, will not be easily blown away or crushed, outdoor wind resistance To achieve strong resistance to 8-10, can carry 1 meter of snow thick, because the spherical tent surface for the arc, so the roof of the snow to a certain extent will naturally fall. And we Boreal will be based on local environmental factors to calculate the overall need to bear the wind, snow, and thus choose the appropriate high-standard thickness of the material, there are a variety of fixed ways to build, you can fully protect the safety of spherical tents!

If the main body of the spherical tent is corroded, there will be a lot of security risks, especially in the coastal areas of wind and rain more humid weather, more likely to lead to damage to material corrosion. So Boreal's spherical tent whether it is the choice of galvanized pipe or aluminum alloy will be the surface treatment for the material. Such as galvanized pipe hot galvanized treatment, the surface can form a layer of 60um thickness of the galvanized layer, as well as spraying weathering powder treatment, the basic can make the spherical tent even if the long-term use in the outdoor will not be corrosive damage, with more than 10 years The service life!

Overall, the spherical tent in the security is sufficient protection, and Boreal all the spherical tents in the factory before the test will be tested, to ensure that there is no problem in the safety of the delivery to the customer's hands!