Borui Er Tomb ABS wall canopy exported to Germany2014-11-27

I produced a set of 12 meters X20 meters around the ABS hardware wall tents, glass doors four sets, exported to Germany;

German standards for the quality of customers in the world is recognized by the harsh; each standard must comply with the German TUV certification, welding standards EN1092 British standards, tarpaulin fire German B1 standard, wind 102-120KM / H;

My company's products are tested and issued by the German customers in the local Rhine TUV certification and TUV certification.

Boreal's tents products have always been good quality, cheap customers recognized by the majority.

Products have been rigorously tested and issued a certificate is not a time, but this time again by the German customer certification, indicating that the quality of the Borui people have always insisted, no matter at any time stand the test

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