Storage Tent - 01

Boreal is a 13-year industrial warehouse tents to build experience tents manufacturer, Boreal supply 3-65 meters span industrial storage tent.

Industrial storage shelter is flexible, ABS hardware wall, sandwich panels, roll gate, etc. can make industrial warehouse tents to achieve a variety of functions, can be made storage storage between large equipment. Customers can use these facilities to complete a variety of permanent buildings can not complete the task. Tent interior of the plasticity, recyclability, better able to meet customer requirements for different functions at different times.

Industrial storage tent in the construction of the foundation of the requirements are not high, the adaptability of the terrain, and even in a certain slope of the ground, but also easy to build, reducing the difficulty of construction site and shorten the construction time. Tent base fixed with removable screws can be used, steel brazing, bearing the way to facilitate the rapid movement of the tents. Industrial storage tents with modular design, lightweight component material to ensure the transport, build and easy and flexible.

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