Custom Tent - 03

Boreal provide Shanghai tents customized services, tents internal space without any pillars, spacious and stable, with 100% of the use of space. Common tents are made to span 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters in size. The design of the humanoid tents is widely used in outdoor exhibitions, sports events, festivals, trade shows, exhibitions, ceremonial ceremonies, outdoor weddings, public relations activities, temporary plant and industrial warehouses.

The tents are available in a variety of options to make their functions and uses further expanded. Common configurations include transparent tarpaulins, rain troughs, carpets, decorative mantle, interior curtains, wooden floors, glass doors, glass walls , ABS hardware wall, ground anchor nails, PVC transparent windows and so on.

Boreal tents customized quality, safe and reliable. The modular design of the unit is highly scalable and can be freely increased according to the size of the site and the demand for space. Tents made with a very good light type, easy to disassemble and storage, double PVC synthetic fiber tarpaulin, sunscreen, fire, etc., flame retardant rate of international standards DIN4102B1 / M2, long life and other advantages.

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