Outdoor wedding tent rental

We supply 3-50 meters span outdoor wedding tent rental and sales. Outdoor tents wedding, compared to the traditional indoor wedding, adding a lot of romantic, but also greatly utilized the outdoor outdoor space, but also will not miss the wonderful tents!

An outdoor wedding is not too many restrictions on the guests, especially the wedding of this link, the guests do not boring sitting at the table waiting for the new toast, they have more opportunities to enjoy the outdoor landscape. And for the children, they can go to the tent near the lawn, enjoy playing in the sun. Choose outdoor tents wedding guests can also arrange more outdoor entertainment, so that guests in the waiting time feel more free.

Such as poetry and painting in the outdoor lawn held outdoor tents wedding, the basic style of the wedding should be Western style, wedding design and tent layout according to field conditions and the characteristics of new people to design programs, outdoor wedding canopy layout Gentle ceilings, background decoration, stage sound, light, etc., both to add atmosphere, but also contrast effect, tents wedding reception and outdoor ceremony style to reach a consensus, together created a warm and romantic, fresh and natural, unique Wedding scene. Since its inception, Boreal Tent has been able to provide customers with an outdoor wedding space solution, which has been unanimously praised by customers, and through the elaborate planning of the Boreal Tent can make every outdoor wedding more exciting.

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