Beer Festival for rent

Boreal offers beer shed rental, beer festival tent rental, help international large beer festival carnival! Beirui Beer Greenhouse has experienced, with the Qingdao Beer Festival, Harbin Beer Festival, the Mongolian Oktoberfest and other cooperation, providing a span of 3-60 meters, while the side of 2.6-8 meters, the length of the beer festival tent, Personalized custom services, according to customer needs, activities, characteristics, brand concept, for your design characteristics of beer greenhouses!

Boreal beer festival canopy wind, rain, anti-ultraviolet, can withstand the 8-10 strong winds, safe and reliable. To improve the experience of beer greenhouses, to provide a comfortable environment for the environment, Boreal offers a variety of optional accessories, such as flooring, carpets, lighting, stage, ceilings, wall cloth, air conditioning and so on.

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