Festivals banquet tents

Does a grand banquet also need a gorgeous tent? Boreal offers you a safe and stylish festivals banquet tents, tents inside you can decorate according to your own preferences and make it easy for you to host a successful banquet!

Large scallops and blue and yellow and white ceilings, plus bright light and hazy moonlight spread out, so you seem to exposure to the ocean kingdom in general. The tent built by the mountains and water, the ground is green lawn, outside the wind breeze blowing, that the aroma of nature so that we are so pleasant, at the moment it is so beautiful, so elegant, guests in the canopy blessing Each other, watching the wonderful performances, tasting wine and food, is really happy and forget!

This is a 35 meter span × 45 meters long transparent tents. The festive banquet tents are provided for the anniversary of a large domestic real estate company. We can also provide 3-70M span of the tent rental, the length is generally 3M or 5M times the extension. Wind resistance can reach 8-10, absolutely guaranteed safety! And Boreal also for the banquet tents to provide a supporting ceiling, light, sound, stage, truss, flooring, carpets, air conditioning, glass doors, glass walls, transparent windows and other accessories!