Double trolley

Double tents is our latest design and research and development in 2012 the latest tents series, leading the Chinese tents industry a new situation, the product concept from Germany, by the Suzhou Weisibote Tent Co., Ltd. independent research and development Into, since the advent of the product since the double canopy with its unique and beautiful shape and, as always, high quality won the majority of domestic and foreign customers of all ages.

Mainly used in large-scale events, and international sporting events, when your area is limited, double tents can expand the "area of ​​activity", double tents in the same size of the projected area will get double activities Area and space. In addition, the double canopy can also be overlooking, broaden horizons, as a sports event (such as football, golf, equestrian, racing, etc.) VIP audience stands will be your best choice.
2, audio category: modular audio; 3, air conditioning categories: 5P cabinet air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, 4, table chairs, floor tables, floor tables, beer tables, folding chairs, ordinary chairs, luxury chairs; 5, stage rack, floor, floor, carpet, mobile toilet 9, PVC transparent wall, transparent tarpaulin; 8, rain groove, carpet; 9, decorative ceiling of the mantle, 6, floor, , Side mantle, interior curtains and canopy stairs, canopy outside the stairs.
Tent features
1. Tent has three characteristics of temporary, flexibility and mobility. Customers can be built at any time, demolition. It is quick and easy to install, and can be built at any time after the demolition. 100% of the space utilization is ideal for businesses and businesses that need to convert sites.
2. Tent has a full range of convenience, the price cheaper than the steel structure at the same time, but also to ensure its safety performance (wind resistance of 80km / h, PVC tarpaulin fire level to B1), so the canopy can be described Is to solve the outdoor activities and the best choice for sales.
The advantages of tents
1. Transparency: film material with light transmission performance, soft light into the room not only allows people to work indoors as outdoor, experience the feeling of intimacy. And no lighting during the day to meet the needs of indoor lighting, saving a lot of energy consumption. Environmental protection and control of operating costs.
2. Large span: the internal unimpeded space, to provide the largest practical space.
3. Insulation: the use of double insulation materials, to insulation, heat insulation effect.
4. Low requirements: to achieve the minimum basic requirements, do not need expensive construction and building foundation.
5. Cost-effective: rugged structure, tent appearance and new appearance, high quality and price, economic benefits significantly.